About us

The beginnings of Freedays date back to late 2004, when we started with the vacation rental of a house in which we did not live, but needed to make profitable. Soon we began to manage other houses and apartments from owners who had the same need, but could not take care of the tasks that this type of rental demands.

Over time, we began to receive numerous requests from individuals and companies seeking accommodation for longer periods, and a little later, when restrictions on vacation rentals for multi-family homes were imposed, we decided to specialize in seasonal rentals for stays of 1 to 11 months. We found the solution for homeowners who wanted to continue renting out their properties but needed the flexibility offered by this type of rental, without long-term commitments, and with the peace of mind of not being exposed to hefty fines.

We are a family-owned business, managing only a limited number of properties. This allows us to ensure personal attention to each of our clients, caring for the properties as if they were our own, and overseeing the entire rental process from start to finish. We are fortunate to have a trusted team and enjoy our work. We put a lot of effort into ensuring things go smoothly, taking care of both the properties and the tenants who occupy them.


I coordinate and organize the cleaning and maintenance of the properties, overseeing the work of our cleaning team and arranging appointments with professionals responsible for property repairs and maintenance.

Additionally, I serve as the tenant’s point of contact during their stay, ensuring their needs are attended to for a comfortable experience.

Multidisciplinary in nature, I consider myself a curious, creative, and hyperactive individual – I never stop doing things! I decided to move to Mallorca after falling in love with the island when I visited over 25 years ago.


I handle administrative tasks, billing, and sales at Freedays. Besides being the point of contact, I’m the one who answers calls and emails received by the company.

I love living in Mallorca, and everything related to the sea fascinates me.

Those who know me say I’m perseverant, cheerful, and very responsible, although sometimes I can be quite controlling.

Together with Mercè, we share ideas, projects, and most importantly, enthusiasm for what we do.

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